Bilder, die wir behalten/Elisabeth


Projektraum Kurfürstenstraße

What does it mean to remember? The exhibition negotiates this question using personal objects and mementos from the estate of the curator’s grandmother. Elisabeth – a project about that which is left behind.

What do we do with memory and its objects? Do we hold on to them, or do they hold on to us? Remnants of memory – be it a material object, a feeling or an empty space –challenge us to find a way to deal with them. To show, to hide, to safeguard, to tell – differently, or anew? When we use the word memory, we always mean something different.


Six artists have been invited to consider the question of memory. The exhibition does not remain on the level of the abstract, however, but opens out to the concrete space of the biographical: the personal archive. The works of the participating artists relate – either directly or through association – to the estate and history of the curator’s grandmother, Elisabeth. She lends the exhibition its title, as well as its form and the questions it raises. The works delve into her archive of memorabilia, its objects and materials, drawing on the private and the shared, the intimate, and the gaps that the intimate leaves behind. The exhibition moves between the historical, that which has only just slipped into the past, and that which still persists in the present.


Tracing this axis, the contributions of the artists offer up a space for projection and association. Through its mode of appearance and being, each concrete memory tells us something of the significance of memory itself. Not only specific histories, but also the act of remembering itself is made present in these objects: memory as a culture and a practice, as an attitude, and not least as the search for a fitting place to locate the past in the present.


What does it mean to remember? It always means something different.


Bilder, die wir behalten / Elisabeth

Jodie Carey, Dana Linkiewicz, Antje Majewski, Sonya Schönberger, Melissa Steckbauer, Sinta Werner


Projektraum Lützowstraße

Lützowstraße 70

10785 Berlin

24 August to 27 September 2014


Artist Talk

Thursday 4 September 2014


Bilder, die wir behalten / Elisabeth is a part of Secondary Narratives 2014.


“The immediacy of the past lies in its materiality. We touch things, and touch doubles

— NBR Booklet


“When narrative dissolves, images fall apart from one another and into a new order.”

— NBR Booklet


“Perhaps there are reasons for why we prefer one image over another. We always find in the chosen image a confirmation that other images do not yield. Because it tells one history that we know and consider to be our own. This history becomes an image that stands in for all other images.”

— NBR Booklet