Former Factory F. Zimmermann

The international cooperative project is an approach to the sensual and affective perception of art. In the form of a classic group exhibition, CLAIM provokes a moment of directness.

Claim shows works in a disused factory and office complex that are united by their reliance on a direct aesthetic presence, rather than a conceptual background. The exhibition features works of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, video, and sound art.


A distinct emotional perspective marks many of the works, and it is the will to provoke a moment of directness that emerges with their dramatic gesture. In this way, the works explore the possibilities of an intuitive response, and find an emotive language that overwhelms an intellectual approach. The shape of the concrete forms the essential feature of a visual unity, which reaches far into the room to unfold its potential force. This claiming of an aesthetic field is the central idea of the exhibition.



Christian Achenbach, Giuseppe Armenia, Carlo Bernardini, David Buckingham, Guido Canziani Jona, Jesper Carlsen, Paolo Grassino, Douglas Henderson, Philip Loersch, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Christoffer Munch Andersen, John O’Connor, Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Domenico Piccolo, Federico Pietrella, Christoph Schirmer, Moritz Schleime, Owen Schuh, Secret Stars**, Klaus-Martin Treder & Per Wizén


Former Factory F. Zimmermann

Lützowstraße 70,

10785 Berlin-Mitte

8 January to 21 January 2012


Curatorial assistance

Dr. Marc Wellmann


With generous support by

Dr. Stephan Kunze


In collaboration with

Galerie Rolando Anselmi (Berlin), Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art (Milan), Galerie Jette Rudolph (Berlin), Galerie Mario Mazzoli (Berlin), Henningsen Gallery (Copenhagen), Hunchentoot (Berlin), Kit Schulte Contemporary Art (Berlin), LARMgalleri (Copenhagen), Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery (Rovereto), Stene Projects (Stockholm) and Wendt + Friedmann (Berlin)


Opening of the Program

7 January 2012

by Federico Pietrella, interactive light installation


Meeting Point

by Michaël d’Auzon with Lorenzo Brusci and

Marco Madia (Architettura Sonora) Performance



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